Japan Earthqake

Well, i hate when i have to write a post like the one i'm writing today.

Today Japan, some islands of Rusia and others had hard times after a 8.8M earthqueake.
It take me 3 hours to see if everyone i know that are living or have something to do with Japan were fine, i can't say that these people are friends since most of them are bloggers or just interesting people that i follow, but still i couldn't help it but care about them and keep searching in my twitter timeline or their blogs to know if they were ok. They were, scared, worried, with some material lost but everyone of them could spend 1 minute to write "i'm fine, my realeatives are fine" so yes it was hard for them but they are fine.

But, then in msn there were some bad news from people i just know from some days ago, some of them had friends affected , one was missing, and i keep seen news and reading all de twits, some were good news other not yet. Then i remembered the earthquakes from some yeas ago(link there), and i thought "If that happens there, we aren't prepared at all".

Anyhow, i hope everything turns well and that things in Spain change soon to prevent something like that because we had big earthqakes too, but we aren't paying attention to it.

pd: sorry for my soooooooooo bad english .
Perdonad que ponga esto solo en mi cutre-inglés, pero solo por hoy espero que me lo permitais.

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